Phase 2 Carbohydrate Blocker – How to Block Carbs From Being Converted to Sugars

kidney beans when pregnant

The phase 2 carbohydrate blocker is a completely natural food extract that acts on the human body by neutralizing the starch found in the carbohydrate-containing foods we eat every day. This product contains a substance that was obtained from white beans and can be easily taken as a dietary supplement. From phase 2 starch blocker reviews it is known that it is safe and has no side effects.

There have been many tests on this product, which have shown that it is not only safe and easy to use, but also extremely effective. In fact, it was found that only one gram of the carbohydrate blocker of phase 2 has the ability to neutralize 2250 calories of starch in vitro. Therefore, in simpler conditions, this is equivalent to eating a loaf of bread or 1 pound of pasta, without obtaining any of the carbohydrates they contain. Due to its high efficiency, it has become very popular in many television news and newspapers that report its weight loss.

Usually, when someone uses the traditional diet method to lose weight, they also need to do some type of exercise to eliminate accumulated fat from the body. But if no exercise is done, unfortunately, this fat will remain in the body and, therefore, will gain weight. Using a phase 2 carbohydrate blocker, a person can neutralize a digestive enzyme, called alpha-amylase, before it can convert the start into glucose and then into fat. What it does is allow more carbohydrates that we consume in our products to pass through the digestive system and, therefore, decrease the consumption of human calories. Clinical studies show that a phase 2 carbohydrate blocker can reduce starch absorption between 66 and 75%.

Phase 2 is an active product that neutralizes the alpha-amylase enzyme.

 This enzyme is found in the pancreas and breaks down the starch in foods into sugars. The sugars are then metabolized or converted into fats in the body.

Carbohydrate blockers in the 2nd stage will reduce the calories in carbohydrate foods and help you lose weight very easily.

Phase 2 Sorce phase 2 is a registered trademark of Pharmatec and is also known as Phaseolamin 2250. This ingredient is extracted from white beans and is the first neutralizer of standardized starch, non-stimulant and clinically standardized with kidney beans when pregnant.

The phase 2 starch blocker reviews prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars and fats. Experts say that only 1 gram of phase 2 carb blocker can reduce the amount of calories in 2,250 people. In other words, it’s almost 66% less than you originally had.

However, for this particular supplement to work effectively, it is recommended that a person who uses a Phase 2 carbohydrate blocker take one gram or 2 tablets before consuming flour containing starchy carbohydrates, such as bread or pasta. . Also, talk with your doctor or health advisor about whether the use of this supplement will not harm your health.

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