Improve Your Quality of Life with Dental Implants

Problems with teeth can be painful and long lasting. There are times when everything is done to save a tooth, but it still must be removed in the end. Some people have poor genetics and their teeth are not healthy from the start. This may result in early tooth loss. Other people may have some decay from a sugary diet. Natural aging also results in tooth loss, at times. Even an injury can result in a lost tooth or two. When you are missing teeth, your quality of life diminishes. You may not be able to speak properly, eat well, or look professional. Implants can change your life if you have suffered the loss of your teeth.


Eating is one of the first things to change when you begin to have problems with a tooth. You may need to eat only soft foods and soups when your tooth begins to hurt. If you have the tooth extracted, your exposed gums may be too sensitive for your favourite foods. When you are missing several teeth, you may not be able to eat a quality diet. This can lead to poor health over time. Dental implants in Canberra can help you restore the ability to eat properly.


Many people do not realise how much the teeth affect speech. You may not be able pronounce words properly while at school or work. This can be problematic when you must make presentations or speak with important clients. Most jobs involve talking to various people throughout the day. It can take awhile to get your dental implants started, as the bone must have time to grow around the anchor before the false tooth can be attached. It is well worth the wait, however, to be able to speak properly again.

Your Smile

Self esteem can be affected by missing teeth, as well. You may find that you avoid looking at people when you talk or cover your mouth. You may hang your head down to respond to a coworker, for example. After awhile, you may simply stop smiling at all. This is a terrible way to live. Talk to your dentist as soon as possible about getting the implant process started. This way you can get back to enjoying life with your friends and show your beautiful smile. There is no need to live life where you feel you must hide.

Dental implants have made it much easier for people to resume a good quality of life after tooth loss. Traditional dentures, while still a viable option, come with restrictions. They are also difficult to deal with if you lead an active lifestyle. Depending on how you lose your tooth, you may have to wait for the implant procedure to begin. Implants can restore your speech issues, allow for a more balanced diet, and help you smile again. Talk to your doctor about implants soon after your tooth loss so you can be prepared to get started.

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